Research Projects

XML Fuzzing

This tool is a fuzzing tool to change an XML document based on a set of XPath. [Github]

Pipelines Comparison Tool

A tool to compare automated crystallographic model-building pipelines. [Github] [Paper]


A tool to mining in research papers that used crystallographic model-building pipelines. [Github]


A tool for optimizing any tool's parameters that can run from the command line [Github]


A tool to predict the performance of four crystallographic model-building pipelines (ARP/wARP, Buccaneer, PHENIX AutoBuild and SHELXE) as well as their combinations [Github] [Paper]

Smartphone Projects (iOS)


IOS application

A user can create a photo album and sharing it on social networks.


IOS application

MQTAR is a board game.Every player has 9 stones and if three stones for one player make a line, the player remove one stone from his enemy. When the player has less than three stones he will be the loser.

i Univ Tabuk

IOS application

iUnivTabuk was the official application for the University of Tabuk. This app provides some services for both staff and students such as, checking timetable, record of marks and other services.